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The website as of early December 2018 in book-form, with all websites in English, two selected articles in English and German, as well as some "Zeitzeugnisse" in English.

Caution: Rather avant-garde, often only partially accessible for many contemporary readers, but beautiful.

Preface to the 2017 Edition

This book presents the website, as of 2017. Written by a Swiss physicist, it contains lots of beautiful novel ideas, inspired by nature and physics, ancient and modern philosophy, as well as by astrology, the I Ching and more...

Please note that this book does not yet present these ideas in a way and format suitable for most readers. That will follow in other books by the same author. Instead, this book addresses anyone with a mind free enough to think outside of some of the usual "boxes", paired with imagination and also a more scientifically critical mind in the end, as implies the "exact" in exactphilosophy.

In essence, first "elements" are tentatively defined from first principles, inspired mostly by Kant, then some correlations between these abstractly defined "elements" and the ancient Greek elements are revealed, as well as with the 8 trigrams of the Chinese I Ching, and more.

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